Two suspected ringleaders of Thailand-based phone fraud arrested in Japan

Two suspected ringleaders of Thailand-based phone fraud arrested in Japan

Two men suspected of being the leaders of a large-scale telephone fraud based in Thailand were arrested in Japan on Thursday, bringing the total number of people arrested to 28.

Kengo Yasutake, 36, and Shimpei Hirata, 34, are suspected of having sent instructions to a rented luxury home in the Thai seaside town of Pattaya, where a separate group of Japanese men had called across Japan, claiming they hadn’t paid the subscription fee for one website.

The group is believed to have extracted more than 200 people from more than 200 million yen ($ 1.8 million). 15 Japanese men between the ages of 20 and 50 were arrested by the Thai police in March and arrested on board aircraft by Japanese investigators in May while being transported from Thailand to Japan.

Group members had various roles, including making phone calls, redeeming defrauded electronic gift cards in Japan, and managing the fraudsters by investigative source.

They were arrested on suspicion of defrauding a woman living in Fukui City and two others by emailing them in March last year claiming that they had not paid the site’s subscription fees, and they forced to buy electronic gift cards totaling ¥ 780,000.

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