Typhoon Phanfone: at least 16 killed in the Philippines on Christmas Day World News


Authorities said that the typhoon, who drove through the remote villages and popular tourist areas of the Central Philippines during Christmas holidays, claimed at least 16 lives.

Typhoon Phanfone, with a wind of 195 km (120 miles) per hour, tore the roofs away and dropped electricity poles as it crossed the Philippines on Wednesday.

As internet and mobile phone networks were still disrupted in some severely damaged areas, it was not possible to immediately assess the damage caused by Phanfone on Thursday morning.

According to disaster agency officials, at least 16 people were killed in the villages and towns of Visayas, the middle third of the Philippines.

Phanfone has also hit Boracay, Coron and other vacation destinations that are famous for their white sand beaches and popular with foreign tourists.

The Kalibo airport, which operates Boracay, has been seriously damaged by a Korean tourist who stuck there and provided AFP images.

Residents walk around a damaged house during a Phanfone typhoon in Tacloban Photo: Bobbie Alota / AFP through Getty Images

“Roads remain blocked, but some efforts have been made to remedy the damage. It’s bad enough, ”Jung Byung Joon said through Instagram Messenger.

“Everything within 100 meters of the airport looks broken. There are a lot of frustrated people at the airport because flights have been canceled.

“The cabs are still running, but it’s windy and it’s still raining, so no one wants to leave the airport, including me.”

Though much weaker, Phanfone followed a similar path to Super Typhoon Haiyan – the deadliest storm in the country, which in 2013 died or disappeared more than 7 300 people.

“It’s like Haiyan’s younger sibling.” It is less destructive, but it went on in a similar way, ”said Cindy Ferrer, disaster information officer in the West Visayas region, AFP.

Tens of thousands of people in a predominantly Catholic state were forced to evacuate their homes on Wednesday, destroying Christmas celebrations.

Many others were unable to return to their families with suspended ferries and planes.

Among those killed was a Phanfone police officer who was dropped by electric current while patrolling.