Unda Gems’ Idina Menzel has done it all, but she’s not ready to let it go

Unda Gems' Idina Menzel has done it all, but she's not ready to let it go

2019 was Idina Menzel’s year and is not slowing down anytime soon.

The actress and singer has perhaps one of the most varied careers of any Hollywood actress, and is certainly a household name – but not always so.

Menzel began her career on stage. Her role in Maureen in RENT’s original Broadway cast, for which she received her Tony nomination for Best Actress in Music, set her on a career path to success since 1996. She later went on to become “Elphaba” on Wicked Broadway – Taking Home a Worthy Tony for Best Actor in a 2004 Music.

Menzel, 48, also starred in the 2005 adaptation of RENT, along with other original Broadway cast members such as Adam Pascal and Anthony Rapp.

It’s not “Letting Go” anytime soon

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Although Menzel has been known in the Broadway community for over two decades, it was only when she was chosen to be “Elsa” voice at Disney’s Frozen (2013) that her name became recognizable to the rest of the world. Although – maybe we should like to mention John Travolta.

Who remembers this disaster?

Do not worry. He took it back.

Since then, Menzel has released not one, but two Christmas albums – Holiday Wishes (2014) and Christmas: a season of love that has fallen this year. (By the way, if you’re a fan of musical theater, you must have surpassed RED over the nod to RENT in this album title.)

Disney’s Frozen II also released this year, which eventually gave poor Elsa something other than “Let it Go” to cut the hell.

The hit single “Into the Unknown” reached # 46 on the Billboard Hot 100 list and # 1 on Kid Digital Songs (Billboard).

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Menzel was married to fellow actress Aaron Lohr in 2017 after previously marrying co-star RENT Taye Diggs for 11 years. Diggs and Menzel have a son together.

Menzel sang during NBC’s annual Christmas festivities at the Rockefeller Center on December 4 and December 22, led by her own CBS Holiday special. A holiday home that included special guests Adam Lambert, NE-YO and Kelly Rowland.

An unknown ornament

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Released yesterday, Uncut Gems marks Menzel’s first exciting, exciting performance in a live, non-musical film, launching the multi-talented artist to all new territories. However, he did find an unlikely fan in the “Gems” star, Adam Sandler.

In an interview with host and actress Ellie Kemper, Menzel appeared on the Ellen Degeneres show on December 23, revealing that Sandler played some well-known tunes in the film set.

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Menzel quickly assured the audience that, no, it wasn’t “Let’s go,” but rather, Sandler chose to throw it back into Wicked’s favorite anthem “Defying Gravity.” Menzel was unthinkable.

Although Menzel continues to move forward in her career, theater fangirls like myself (and Adam Sandler, obviously) will always love and recognize their incredible roots on Broadway.