US release some prisoners amid Coronavirus threat

US release some prisoners amid Coronavirus threat

United States Attorney Bar Barr said Friday that it has been studying prisons to release in-house medications while reducing the effects of the virus. coronavirus.

One day after the United Nations’ human rights leader called for countries to protect prisoners and detainees, he said. Barr said he encouraged US prisons to release inmates.

“I requested and provide a memo today to the Bureau of Prisons to increase the use of home detention, based on a number of factors … which are great for those old inmates serve most of their penalties, ”Barr said. ^ E Ha yM.

He said the study was aimed at educating inmates who were not considered to be at risk and were aware of the potential for drugs that were causing them COVID-19.

“We want to know that our schools will not lose petri dishes” because of the disease, Barr said.

His comments included some 300,000 inmates in the US-US Jail, where most of the cases of coronavirus are known among inmates and prison staff.

This recommendation is intended for inmates under 60 years of age who are not convicted.

US US prison in Terre Haute, Indiana Photo: GETTY captures NORTH AMERICA / SCOTT OLSON

It has about 2,000 seats.

Most of the 2.2 million people serving time in prison are in the United States and in other jurisdictions.

Some state presidents have been charged with dismissing older workers with severe coronavirus problems.

California and New Jersey leaders are moving in with similar efforts at Barr’s.

On Wednesday, UN High Commissioner for Refugees, Michelle Bachelet called on governments to ease the crackdown on many prisons.

“COVID-19 has commenced the destruction of prisons, prisons and prisons, and home care and psychiatric hospitals, as well as the issues facing such cases. public about the public, “Bachelet said.

Ethiopia has announced that it will release more than 4,000 prisoners and Afghanistan is planning to release 10,000 more prisoners.

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