VIC’s Prime Cop Known as The Banker Who Chucked A Roni Sickie “Dickhead”

Here’s VIC’s Top Cop Calling The Bank Staffer Who Tried To Chuck A Roni Sickie A “Dickhead”

Frequently speaking, even in the worst scenario scenarios a unsuccessful sickie is not gonna make you the topic of any national news. Until, that is, you check out to faux a favourable COVID-19 prognosis at the peak of pandemic stress. Then you are gonna get sworn at by the Law enforcement Commissioner. These are the regulations, as significantly as I’m aware.

Victorian Law enforcement Commissioner Graham Ashton has teed off on a lender employee who, for unclear reasons, faked a good COVID-19 exam end result, which direct to a important evacuation of the bank’s headquarters in Melbourne.

Company officers reportedly fired the worker following subsequent tests uncovered the ruse, but not prior to a mass-publicity scare was place throughout the bank’s 6,000 workers.

Yesterday, Commissioner Ashton was questioned for his feelings on the subject, and he unquestionably didn’t hassle mincing any terms.

In a 10-next push clip, Ashton manages to simply call the unnamed ex-staff a “dickhead” a few occasions, in what’s probably a landspeed record for swearing in an official police push conference.


ICYMI: Law enforcement main phone calls NAB staffer who faked coronavirus diagnosis a “dickhead” three occasions in 10 seconds #COVID19au

— Aneeka Simonis (@AneekaSimonis) March 26, 2020

“It’s not a criminal offense to be a dickhead” – Official suggestions from the Victorian Law enforcement Commissioner. What you do with that facts is completely up to you, I guess.

That reported, probably not the time to be contacting up the boss and telling them you’ve obtained the Roni. May well want to chill on that tactic for a number of months however.