Virtual Event Biz Booming, Partygoers Flocking Online for Get-Togethers

Virtual Event Biz Booming, Partygoers Flocking Online for Get-Togethers


Coronavirus does not prevent people from continuing their party – they just do it in front of home computer screens today. By 2020.

Due to the large number of homeless housing orders, the online biz plan event has seen a huge spike in participation for all types of gatherings … some more mature person than anyone else.

Evidence has made the name online invitations inviting, but it has since become a destination for online events. The company says it has seen a 1,130% increase in events labeled “virtual party” last year … but it believes the lion’s share of growth has come in the last month. .

We were told their most popular categories of online get-togethers were late birthdays, cocktail parties and happy hours – with usually group sizes between 15 and 20.

The Paperless Post – another event planning company – says in the past 12 days, virtual party events have jumped 48% of their total biz. It used to be less than 1% … so that’s a pretty obvious move relative to the quarry.

As a result, PP’s move to offer even more options is inviting online – for kids’ birthday parties, evening games, club parties, dance parties, brunch … all party possibilities.

Most surprising is how well the society has adapted. We’ve heard of exercise groups, baby showers and even charity galleries … all moving the online kingdom.

As you wish, in-person event planning is complete, but not dead. Traditional invitations tell us big things, most weddings, are still being ordered – but in and many event planners are selling for online biz today.

Stir or die.