Was Jennifer Lawrence’s engagement in jeopardy before she got married?

Gossip Cop

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Jennifer LawrenceCommitment to Cooke Maroney he was never in danger last year. A tabloid said so in his day, though Gossip Cop He did not find truth in the statement. 12 months later, it is obvious how absurd this story was.

March 26, 2019 Gossip Cop arrested NW for publishing an article claiming that Lawrence and Maroney’s engagement was “in crisis.” An alleged “source” told the newspaper that Lawrence was “in tears” while having dinner with her boyfriend. “They’re not married yet, and people are convinced that this could be a sign that it’s all over,” the grim interior continued, adding that “Jen totally uprooted her life for Cooke and now spends almost all of her time in Nova. York. ”The tipster ended by suggesting that” they have to get used to the reality of what being together forever is really going to be. ”

Simply put, everything about this story was fake. Lawrence was already living in New York before his engagement, so living there with him didn’t “uproot his life.” The Daily Mail also posted photos of the night on the date between the couple, and was obviously “not in tears.” And finally, Gossip Cop extended a sourace near Lawrence and Maroney, who assured us the story was completely false. They weren’t in crisis, and their friends weren’t expecting a breakup.

So what happened? Has the compromise fallen on all of these alleged problems? No, of course not. Lawrence and Maroney were married in October. They are fine And it does not look like Lawrence has cold feet at any point. In an interview on the NAKED podcast with Catt Sadler in June last year, he joked: “He’s my best friend, so I wanted to legally link him to me forever. And, fortunately, paperwork exists for such a thing. favorite on the planet and you like, “You can’t leave. So I wanted to make that offer.”

Throughout his engagement, Lawrence has been the subject of many false rumors like this. Gossip Cop busted another NW false statement in October claiming Lawrence and Maroney moved their wedding date to December to hide their alleged pregnancy. The chain said it was considering “re-branding” his career in order to focus on raising a family. Of course, that ridiculous story made no mention of the previous NW report that the couple’s engagement was on thin ice. And, obviously, this wasn’t true either: Instead of putting his career on the back burner, Lawrence is involved in two upcoming film projects.