What’s up tonight, March 27 and 28: Steven sets off for the Universe

What's up tonight, March 27 and 28: Steven sets off for the Universe

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This is what happened in the world of television on Saturday, March 27 and March 28. It is always east.

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Steven The Future of the Universe (Cartoon Network, Friday, four-episode block begins at 7 a.m., series finale): “There was more than one thing,” Eric Thurm wrote in Steven Universe’s list of the top 100 shows of 2010:

… the title protagonist, a sci-fi saga about the alien Gems race to be conquered, a fiction about gender identity, and an age story coming to a successful television musical. The series has become a popular show on children’s television and has addressed issues ranging from non-nuclear families to ill-treatment. Despite the conversation about the meaning of the capital-Steven Universe, it is important to remember that the show is the hottest, most lovable and entertaining of all. Stephen Universe has rarely sacrificed a sense of humor, or a coercive sequence of actions, or a point to understand its symbols. That’s all we really want from this beautiful children’s show.

It is inaccurate to say anything else about the Steven Universe; if there is any justice in this world, people will discover, analyze, and rapsodize about their incredible empathy, intelligence, and creativity for years to come. (Including tonight as Jourdain repeats Searles’ four-part finale for us.) There’s nothing we can ask of her other than a beautiful ending, and we’re sure we’ll get it from creative Rebecca. Sugar and its incredible writers, artists, actors and more tonight. Farewell, sweet Steven Universe; why do you believe the people of this world are Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl (and Steven!)?
Can you bend Yes, albeit a little complicated. The first four chapters (covering a large number of episodes, but keep in mind that most last about 11 minutes) are available in Hulu. The entire series can be distributed through the Cartoon Network application and website, and the network has unlocked many, so no login is required. To watch the latest season, you have to go from SU and Steven Universe to the Future, and most of these episodes will require entry. Again, if you have Hulu and have never enjoyed it, do yourself a favor and start over.

Portrait of the Lady in the Fire (Hulu, stream premiere): As one of the best shows of the last decade comes to an end, one of the best films – the arrival of the US in most cities in just the last month – is an early influx into Hulu. Indicates that it will be a good weekend for large, cathartic furnaces.

Here is the film editor A.A. Dowd’s perfect look at this remarkable film:

At first glance, love is a fairy tale fantasy that grows less beautiful than you think. Can you really love someone you don’t know? How can you recognize them at a glance? Céline Sciamma’s portrait of Lady On Fire, which is supposed to be the most passionate romantic film of the year (if not the last few), is an extremely imaginative love story. For two hours, the film’s characters – two women who meet on the fringes of society and respect – never refuse to explore each other, their eyes sweeping rooms by candlelight and the wind blowing rocks, resembling the increasing intensity of their gaze and the passion for melting obstacles. between them. To fall for someone, a French filmmaker, is to really see them. It takes time and attention to see them – a discovery process that only begins at first glance.

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It will then reach VOD, but currently only flows through Hulu. Is it television? No. For many of us tonight, A.V. Club? You bet on your ass.

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Star Wars: Clone Wars (Disney +, Friday, 3:01 p.m.).
RuPaul’s Drag Race (VH1, Friday, 8 p.)

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Cutting (Amazon Prime, Friday, 3:01 p.m., series premiere, first two episodes): “Heidi tells contestants every week to decide which of them will be the ‘designer who can create the next big global brand’, which means that their creations will be on the market … Often there is a connection between them. High-end show types and the audience, because the consumer watching at home can’t imagine how any of these outfits will fit into their wardrobe. By cutting, they can not only see these outfits, but actually order them; Amazon says, It will go on sale at the Making The Cut store for about $ 100 or less. “It puts the show in the category of a determined capitalist (it’s on Amazon after all), and one of the most interesting aspects is that the designers sell more affordable clothes online. r. I already have a marketing campaign heckisi. “Gwen Ihnat air before the review read.

Trixie Mattel: Moving parts (Netflix, Friday, 3:01 p.m., premiere): Meet the man behind the giant lashes in this introspective documentary about Musician and Drag Race: All Stars Shampoo.

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