What’s wrong with Webber’s “Grey’s Anatomy”? Is in real trouble …

What's wrong with Webber's

Spoilers ahead for Grey’s Anatomy Season 16. With DeLuca’s fate (and the final handful of Gray episodes) hanging in the balance, ABC’s medical drama really has no time to waste. However, this is exactly what would have happened in the “Love of my Life” episode on March 26. With all the action focused on a surgical innovation conference in Los Angeles, fans got some insight into the heartbreaking way Haysa became to McDavid, learned about Teddy’s dip in the lady pool and saw how Maggie returned her groove in real time. Overall, though, it felt like a lot of filler. This is of course to the end when excited viewers are left wondering: What’s wrong with Weber?

With so many other questions left in Seattle, the L.A. field trip There was a perfect example of him being Gray, which means jumping more on the stack, rather than answering them. As it turned out, the hour-long slot was actually hinting at subtle hints of the bomb that was about to fall in the final moments of the episode. For starters, when they came to the conference to show off his big pen, Webber accidentally called daughter Maggie by Meredith’s name. “Someone didn’t sleep on the plane,” she joked.

ABC / Tony Rivetti

Then Catherine appeared overly contradictory at his hotel room door to “stop the nonsense” of their marital dispute. “I regret my behavior,” apologized the woman, who only weeks ago dropped the microphone with her. “I’m not sorry for a damn thing.” Oh, and it was the whole who bought an entire hospital to anger her husband, too, so yes, a little characterless.

“I’m not sure I believe you’re really here,” Webber remarked. Well, as fans later found out, she wasn’t. (In fairness, the whole episode had a sense of a dream sequence, but it could also be a side effect of socializing away.) After comparing themselves to Anthony and Cleopatra, the couple invented, giving Weber the inspiration he needed to finish a presentation he probably wrote so Many times. “Honey, I think I cracked it,” moved Weber wrapped in pajamas as he typed at the crumpled-paper desk just hours before his big speech.

As Catherine sat on the edge of the bed and encouraged him one moment, in the next frame that disappeared, her voice suddenly sounded dim and distant. Sure, someone with Catherine Fox’s financial means could have easily jumped a private jet back to Seattle, but when she was introduced later in Gray Sloan to watch her husband’s live stream, it became clear that Weber had delayed all their interaction.

ABC / Tony Rivetti

From there, things went from bad to worse. Although he shed his blood, sweat and tears in a PATH pen, Webber informed a crowd that he wanted instead to discuss how “with his brilliant wife” he “understood how to cure cancer.” A hint of an imaginary record whistle, while his presentation slides included non-sensual scribbles of everything, a smiley face to the heart that Catherine’s name scratched in the middle.

“Dear sir, he is drunk,” Catherine told Jackson as Bailey began to look increasingly worried by them. While Sweaty Weber kept on roaming, Maggie (smelling like sex, apparently) told Hayes and Teddy that she was worried that something was wrong and tried to pull it off the stage. “Who are you?” He asked his daughter. When Hayes came in to help, Webber shattered, “Get your hands off me!”

Maggie begged someone to call 911. “I think he has a stroke,” she said. When the Weber was raised from the conference on Gurney with an oxygen tube in his nose, he asked, “Maggie, what’s up?” Her answer: “I don’t know.”

ABC / Raymond Liu

Or both. In previous episodes, fans became aware of Webber’s tremor and saw his dramatic outburst on office furniture. In his hallucinations, Catherine also mentioned her baseline, which interpreted her behavior as a sign of dementia. Could it be another clue? It is still unclear.

In a preview for Gray’s April 2 episode, Bailey is seen briefing the crew on a 65-year-old man suffering from memory and abnormal behavior. “He’s not the Richard Webber you know and love,” she said. “He’s our number one patient.” All hands appear to be on board to improve Webber, and none other than Meredith Gray himself will head. “Richard, I can correct you because you are the one who taught me everything I know,” she tells the one-time chief in the clip. And if anyone can help him, it’s Meredith, right?

Following Alex Battle’s recent departure, Webber is one of three remaining OG cast members, and Gray’s fans seem to agree that he must be protected at all costs.