Where are the Navarro cheerleaders now?

Here’s What All Your Fave Navarro Folks From ‘Cheer’ Are Up To In 2020

Like many of you, I saw the new Netflix series “Cheer” this weekend. Now I’m deeply obsessed with Navarro College and all of the major cheerleaders on their cheerleading team.

I’m obsessed with following all of them on social media to a] find out what they’re up to and b] follow them so that I now know what they’re up to, who they’re dating, and wild sequences Fill out my Instagram feed until the end of time.

I assumed that as an enthusiastic follower of Cheer, you would also like to know what your favorite Navarro people will do in 2020. So I spent a whole morning writing this down for you. You are welcome.

1. Navarro College Cheerleading

First, the Navarro College Cheerleading Team. You are currently testing the 2020 team – if you a] live in America and b] suddenly want to stop what you are doing, go to Corsicana, Texas and give it a try.

2. Monica Aldama

Coach and everyone’s dream mom Monica was inducted into the Navarro College Hall of Fame late last year, folks! WORTHY X 1000. Other than that, she’s still training at Navarro and her daughter has just turned 20.

3. Morgan Simian

My favorite wife Morgan still makes her Navarro cheerfulness and has a ridiculously cute relationship too! Brad Markey is a baseball player and seems to be in love with Morgan, AS SHE DESERVES. Treat her like a Queen Brad, or there will be hell to pay from me to Australia.

4. Allie Ross

Allie is still at Navarro, but she also cheered at Cheer Athletics. She also has a friend, Domanic Sorosjinda, who appears to be relatively new, and is also a cheerleader at Texas Tech.

5. Gabi Butler

Gabi is still an Insta star with over 779,000 followers. She’s still cheering for Top Gun Cheer in Miami, Florida. She also has a friend, Jordan Brooks-Weiss, who plays football for Florida Atlantic.

6. Mackenzie “Sherbs” Sherburn

Sherbs! The talented aviator, who, according to Morgan, made everything simple and beautiful, is still cheering, even though he’s now for Texas Tech.

7. La’Darius Marshall

My mood for 2020 was to enjoy a few cheering camps and become a WORLD CHAMPION with Cheer Athletics! He also placed a “public figure” on his Instagram account as he should – someone gives this guy a TV series right away.

8. Jerry Harris

Jerry, he wholeheartedly, is still cheering – for the University of Louisville, where he finally watched the series! YES, JERRY. He also does a few things for Cheer Athletics. What a star.

9. Lexi Brumback

Okay, Lexi was exactly the story I needed an update about – at the end of Cheer, we saw her get released from the team because she messed it up somehow – we don’t know the details apart from being in one The car was and there were also illegal substances in the car. We end the series with her back in the party scene and it looks like she’s still there. Maybe married too? The guy in this picture is identified as “husband” in her biography.

Good news – three days ago she published an epic fall tagging “It’s Comeback Szn”. Hopefully the launch of Cheer on Netflix has inspired her to return to cheerleading.

10. Shannon Woolsey

Shannon is a PEAK Instagram influencer who produces everything from a flat tummy app to strange athleisure brands. As far as I can tell, she’s still with Navarro, but man, it’s a search of a million # spon posts. Honey, be more selective !!

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