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Why will not Poland consider in any Muslims?


In this episode of UpFront, we talk to Polish politician Dominik Tarczynski about his government’s immigration plan and anti-Muslim rhetoric.

And in our Arena, Rim-Sarah Alouane and Benjamin Haddad discuss what is at the rear of the ongoing debate above secularism in France.

Polish MP: ‘For me, multiculturalism is not a value’

Poland’s ultra-conservative Law and Justice Celebration (PiS) received a 2nd expression in place of work very last thirty day period, a victory that critics panic will speed up the country’s slide toward authoritarianism.

The PiS rose to electric power in 2015, next a marketing campaign that focussed on social conservatism, together with a generous social spending programme.

But the party’s refusal to get in refugees, alongside with its attempts to reform the judiciary – critics say at the expenditure of independence – has place it at loggerheads with the European Union.

Just this 7 days, a prime EU lawful adviser claimed Warsaw broke the bloc’s law by refusing to get in refugees in the course of Europe’s 2015 migrant disaster.

But the PiS’s Dominik Tarczynski insists his region did very little mistaken and states Poland stands by its immigration plan.

“We never want Poland currently being taken about by Muslims, Buddhists, or a person else … and no one particular will at any time power us to take Muslims, Buddhists, non-believers in huge numbers,” mentioned Tarczynski.

Tarczynski states soon after dwelling in the United Kingdom and the United States and dealing with lifestyle in a multicultural culture, he does not see any worth in it.

“For me, multicultural society, it can be not a price … it is not a virtue,” the Polish MP reported. “Christian tradition, Roman law, Greek philosophers, these are the virtues for us.”

This week’s Headliner is a member of parliament for Poland’s governing Law and Justice Celebration, Dominik Tarczynski.

France, secularism and hijab paranoia

The debate more than Muslim females donning the veil has been reignited in France after a mom was verbally abused very last month by a significantly-correct politician all through her son’s university vacation to a regional assembly. The politician demanded the woman take away her headscarf or go away.

Carrying the veil – regarded as the hijab – is banned in French schools and authorities places of work.

Politicians are now inspecting a proposed legislation that would ban dad and mom from putting on spiritual symbols on college journeys.

The legislation has little likelihood of passing, but it has put the concern of French secularism, embodied in the basic principle of “laicite”, firmly back in the highlight.

Critics see a stressing pattern exactly where laicite could enter additional locations of French modern society.

“We are witnessing a transformation of ‘laicite’ into a legal monster that it was not aimed to be when the law was executed,” stated human rights researcher Rim-Sarah Alouane, who focuses on religious flexibility and civil liberties.

“We have religious independence at stake, but also continual harassment and focusing on of a section of our populace,” she extra.

Benjamin Haddad, a director at the Atlantic Council, says the legislation does target Muslims and agrees it need to not be extended, but he suggests it must be acceptable to have a political debate about what some see as problems with integration.

“You have a lot of secular Muslim females who say that they feel pressured, they truly feel threatened … you also have religious leaders going to mayors asking to have independent several hours in public swimming swimming pools between gentlemen and ladies. You will have a lot of youthful ladies who you should not want to sit in biology classes in school mainly because they feel tension from their mother and father or from their brothers,” Haddad said.

“That helps make it incredibly difficult for young ladies and other groups these types of as LGBTs to convey on their own,” he included.

In this week’s Arena, we talk about secularism in France and its effect on religious freedom.

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Source:  Al Jazeera News


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