Will ‘Ozark’ return for Season 4? The creators have a specific ending in mind

Will 'Ozark' return for Season 4? The creators have a specific ending in mind

Ozark, Netflix’s hit drama about money laundering and crime fighters, is finally back for a third season. Six months after Season 2, Season 3 revolves around Marty Wendy’s power struggle and once again Wendy’s son Ben. Netflix has yet to announce whether Ozark will return for Season 4, but things are looking for the Beards, and Ozark’s creative team has long been planning for another two more seasons.

“We’ve always talked about it for about five seasons. It could be four, it could be seven … but it always seemed like a good number to us,” said curator Chris Mundy’s main show during an April panel at the World Milken Conference. In Beverly Hills, according to a Hollywood reporter. He added that “they are gradually building small things if we continue to follow the emotional end we guess we will have,” but in the end there are “people who are in chairs bigger than mine who make those decisions.”

Ozark may well be one of the few Netflix shows to be able to go through the third season, joining as Orange is the new Black, Grace and Frankie, the House of Cards and the unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. (Technically, Narcos falls into that bucket, because it ended after three seasons but dissipated into Narcos: Mexico.) In 2017, Indyar reported that Ozcar was Netflix’s most popular show, before Narcos and even strange things. While this was exactly the first season of Ozark, you can probably keep it strong to watch season 3.

Steve Deitel / Netflix

The reason why many of Netflix’s shows end in Season 3 is not entirely clear, but Nelly Andreev on Deadline suggested that Netflix’s unique investment model causes noise costs to rise after the second season of the show. So, the streaming company gives its writers creative freedom to find an audience for two or three seasons, then tightens the renewal criteria with the increase in costs.

But if Osark is as popular as the numbers suggest, he is likely to return. The series was resumed for Season 3 just two months after Season 2 aired, so we have to get news either way, sometime this summer.