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Will US proposed regulation improve something for the Uighurs?


US politicians are sending one particular of their strongest ever warnings to China above the crackdown on Uighur men and women.

A lot more than a million of the Muslim ethnic minority have been imprisoned in what China describes as “vocational schooling” camps.

The government claims inmates are there voluntarily to renounce so-known as “extremist” feelings.

Even so, rights teams label the “re-education and learning” camps in Xinjiang Province as prisons, stating they are element of a systematic campaign to strip the Muslims of their identity and society.

China is condemning a US invoice demanding the closure of the camps, and sanctions towards Communist party leaders.

Will this measure modify something for the Uighurs?

Presenter: Hashem Ahelbarra


Max OIdtmann – Professor of contemporary Chinese record at Georgetown College in Qatar

Olsi Jazexhi – Lecturer at the University of Durres in Albania who has visited Uighur camps in Xinjiang

Andy Mok – Senior study fellow at the Center for China and Globalization

Supply:  Al Jazeera



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