Women Most Popular at New ‘Twisted Prank’ Supermarket

Women Most Popular at New 'Twisted Prank' Supermarket

A nasty woman is meant to put all the fresh fruit in the grocery store, which results a huge waste on food and a bad day for its employees … and authorities are tracking the charges.

According to the co-owner of Gerrity’s Supermarkets, Joe Fasula … the woman – whom she calls a “chronic community problem” – entered a store in Hanover Township, Pennsylvania Wednesday afternoon and began hacking all fruits and veggies … along with one. small section of baker and meat case.

Fasula believes the woman did this as a “very crooked prank” amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but left the store with no choice but to throw away all the food she found … for obvious health and safety factors.

The owner believes the woman’s illness cost the store around $ 35,000 worth of product, nor does it force workers to clean and disinfect everything with a health inspector … and possible disclosure of COVID-19 to customers and at least 15 employees.

Fasula said the silver screen was for Gerrity’s team to remove the terrifying prankster and contact police. He said the case was with the District Attorney’s Office … and followed “numerous charges.”

Federal law enforcement recently announced that it would consider terrorism charges for anyone who intentionally spread COVID-19 … it’s unclear if this disgusting woman has coronavirus, though.