Working with the Government on the Coronavirus Leader, Trump said

Working with the Government on the Coronavirus Leader, Trump said

(WASHINGTON) – President Donald Trump said Thursday that federal officials have set guidelines to measure counties by the risk of the virus, as he intends to begin easing national regulations aimed at curbing the outbreak of the virus. and diarrhea.

In a letter to the governors, Trump said the new guidelines are intended to allow state and local leaders to “make decisions about maintaining, increasing, or restoring social welfare and other measures they have taken.” States and districts will continue to retain the power to set whatever restrictions are required.

For a long time he has been trying to decide how much of the economic damage is being done by his government and even local leaders to reduce the impact of the disease.

“Every day we go out there it’s hard to get it back in a hurry,” Trump said during a news conference Thursday.

Last week Trump introduced a 15-day program that advocates for major conferences and urges more Americans to stay home. The guidelines, provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, are voluntary, but many state and local leaders have issued a restriction order issued by the CDC.

Dr. Deborah Birx, a White House prosecutor in response to the coronavirus, told reporters this morning.

“What we’re trying to do is to use a laser-based optical system instead of using more efficient methods,” she said.

Birx acknowledges the concern that people can only move between areas where there is a risk of infection – and possibly restrictions on movement and accumulation during an outbreak.

“Part of that will be the need for more co-operation between counties,” she said, adding that the government will provide more guidance to the states next week, once the new program is completed.

Two government officials say they cannot use certain travel restrictions between the parks and those with minor infection rates.

Last Thursday, Trump announced he would visit Norfolk, Virginia, to see the USNS Comfort program, a 1,000-bed facility intended to help New York respond to the virus.

During a meeting with governors Thursday, Trump emphasized the need to reopen markets and recognize regional differences in the disease.

“We all have to be careful,” Trump said on the call, a tone obtained by the Associated Press. “We must open our country, I regret.”

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Mississippi Republican Gov. Tate Reeves, who did not order the closure of the business or limit social behavior, thanked Trump for knowing that the virus affects different states and that “one size fits all.”

“Thank you for understanding that,” Reeves said.

The announcement of the new rules comes days after Trump said he hopes to “reopen the country” by Easter.

“I just want the country to open the door just to go through Easter,” he said Tuesday during a Fox News forum. Easter is over two weeks away – April 12.

“Wouldn’t it be nice for all churches to be full?” Trump said in an interview that followed. “You have filled churches all over our country.”

Health experts have made it clear that unless Americans continue to limit their social interactions – leaving home from work and isolating themselves – infection will dominate the health care system, as it does in other areas. Italy, which leads to the loss of many lives.

And scientists, including Dr. Anthony Fauci, the nation’s chief epidemiologist, warned of the temporary setback.

“And you should understand that you don’t do the queue, the virus does the queue,” Fauci told CNN Wednesday. “So you should respond, in what you see happening.”

White House adviser Kellyanne Conway said Trump created Easter as a mission to give people “hope.”

“I think, Easter, the president is giving people a lot of hope and secretly telling us that it will not last forever, and that we will see what happens over time,” she told reporters Thursday. .

While outbreaks are most prevalent in some areas of the country, most notably in New York, experts warn that the pandemic is likely to spread.

Trump said taking the extra test would allow for more deliberations that would hurt other parts of the country that cannot be recaptured.

“Increasing our testing capabilities will enable us to develop standards, develop in co-operation with community health officials and scientists, to help distribute municipalities on the development and risk of contamination. and the disease, ”Trump said.

Trump, pointing to the coming regulations, has promised that there will be “justice” and “transparency” coming from the federal government over the next two days.

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“Some good statistics are coming out that will make your life easier,” Trump said.

Suderman reported from Richmond, Va.

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