WWE Superstar Reveals New Year’s Resolutions

WWE Superstar Reveals New Year's Resolutions

Another time is completion, which means that all fans will make their own promises of how 2020 will be different. WWE Superstars are exactly the same and Natalya has some things planned for next year.

During Natalya’s latest column in the Calgary Sun, it was revealed that she had recently filmed a segment with Lilly Singh. Apparently, Singh wanted to know what the resolutions of Hart Day were. Needless to say Natalia had many things in mind.

“My usual New Year’s resolutions are:” Drink more water, get more exercise, shed 5 pounds and clean my closet! “Going into a new decade, I had to step up the New Year’s ballot game,” Natalya admitted. “Instead of saying ‘I want to get more involved’, I decided to set more specific goals. For example, I want to break the 205 pound branding record in the gym. To achieve that goal in 2020, I have to train with my coach, at least three times a week, to step up over time and achieve that goal. Achieving our goals can help achieve all of our New Year’s resolutions next year. “

Let’s see if Natalya can keep up with her 2020 schedule. She’s very focused on being a big asset, especially as a WWE Superstar. Hopefully, by 2020 all of its goals will be met without problems in the process.