Your car needs emergency winter equipment. DMOS is on sale.

DMOS Emergency Roadside Expansion Kit With Packable Shovel

Instead of waiting until the battery runs out or you’re stuck in a snow drift, take the DMOS Roadside Kit to get you ready.


Driving through Minnesota in winter is like a scene in a disaster movie: cars are parked with bumpers on the side of the freeway, minivans are precariously connected to trucks in search of a jump, and snow and ice become normal city streets in something similar to an Antarctic expedition.

What I’m getting at is that most people are not prepared for winter driving, not even nearby. If you want to change this, Huckberry offers discounts on DMOS equipment, including indestructible, packable shovels and sophisticated roadside emergency kits. DMOS is one of those crowdfunding success stories – not only did they collect enough money to make their gear (in America by the way), this gear really lived up to the hype.

Whether you have fallen into a snowdrift this year or simply need a shovel that fits under your seat, DMOS has the right equipment for you:

Roadside expansion kit + folding bucket

Your best friend in the worst case: DMOS Reflective Stealth Shovel, NOCO GB40 battery charger (for up to 20 jump jumps per charge), Princeton Tec snap headlights, PowerFlare, leather gloves made of moose leather, PackTowl for cleaning up and a bag to do everything wear. Just throw it in the trunk and you’re good to go.

Roadside expansion kit

Everything you get with the kit above, but without the shovel.

Alpha 2 Packable shovel

Does your normal bucket not fit in your car? Are you looking for something harder with a serrated edge? Then grab this collapsible Alpha 2 shovel in black or red. It can cope with snow and ice in winter and dirt in the warmer months.

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